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1002SHIELDBatteriesVALTRA 05series, Mezzo & Hi Tech 6000s,Mega & Hi Tech 8000s, N1`s ,N2`s,N3`s,T1`s,T2`s,T3`s plus others.629. 1090 Cold Cranking Amps Voltage: 12v CCA-SAE: 1090 AH-20hr-rate: 170 View
1003SHIELDBatteriesFits all FORD 1000`s ,600`s ,10`s TW`s & others622. 890 Cold Cranking Amps Voltage: 12v CCA-SAE: 890 AH-20hr-rate: 130 View
1004SHIELDBatteriesHi Power for various Ford and others665x. 870 Cold Cranking Amps Voltage: 12 CCA-SAE: 870 AH-20hr-rate: 115 View
1032SHIELDBatteriesVALTRA 700,800,900. A75,A85,A95. A72,A82, A92. Various others  View

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